Gilded Days EP

by Twin Cyclist

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Jake Letizia - Guitar/Vocals
Kevin Dacey - Drums/Vocals

Josh Tracy - Bass/Additional Vocals


released July 8, 2011

Thanks so much to Will at Dead Air Studios for recording and mixing every song and just being the man.
Thanks to Josh Tracy who created and recorded bass tracks for every song and for his vocals in "Moon". Radical.
Album Art by Joseph Curley.
Lyrics by Kevin.



all rights reserved


Twin Cyclist Merrimac, Massachusetts

Two dudes from Massachusetts.

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Track Name: Moon
Moon dried eyes
The wandering cold
Driving through dark fog
Laughing teeth with forever song

Nodding off
But I've been asleep all night
Nodding off
Living deep into my thoughts

Can you see my eyes?
Where has the time gone?
Forever walking atop thin walls
Hands outstretched, I catch the wind
Slip swiftly down and glide along

Catch the light, catch the rain
My moon dried eyes feel the same
Slipping fingers into warm fit spaces
Catch the rain, hold these faces
Track Name: Scarrows
Why can't I seem to find where you've been and where I am going?
Same face, same place, same everything
All bricks falling out of place and I can't find and I can't find home
Same thing, same things, same everything

Excuses fill the callow mind
Blinded, blinded
As sparrows fly simply by
Nothing, nothing
The water breathes open

Your eyes hide my face
Track Name: Choco
As the candles were blown out,
The tears in my backyard sand dried up.
I was told I was a man,
But I didn’t want my scraped palms to heal up.

I wanted you to stay.
I wanted to stay.

Swings held perpetual colors,
Nothing more than a few little letters.
Scrubbing toes through loosened dirt.
I wanted you…
I wanted you to stay.

Forgetting what its like to see in full bloom,
Or to see plastic figures around my room.

I don’t need pictures or movies
To show me what I miss.
Just my memories and that cool salted breeze.

I want you to stay, but like a flower you wilted away
Track Name: Placid Hands
That smile jumped down my throat
As the wind slowly froze my bones
The streetlights, so revealing of my every expression
Oh the absence left me so stranded

And now I see the sunlight that once left me empty
That once stood me up and flowed through my eyes
But I am always the one to figure the clouds will bring me pity
My ever longing status of tradition and static mind

I tasted the poison cure, the rush of slogans straight
Through my veins and out my mouth
The ruined floors, the chemical base
That smile ran through my chest

Suck it up baby boy

Nothing loses time like holding onto lost hands
Nothing for me here just darkness in the light
And I've brought myself to realize my mental reflection
Staring straight into my words, encompassing my life
Through my veins and out my eyes
I see the crooked climb